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Server Rules

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Base Building Rules

- Your team is allowed a maximum of: 10 MMG Unfinished/Finished Wooden Crates, 20 codelockable storage, 30 un-codelockable storage and 15 tents IN TOTAL.

- Build within the map.

- No Log Walls (Fences are invincible so they are not required).

- If your base entrance uses an map door, you must have enough space between gates and the map door to be able to open the door. We recommend 2 meters.

- No building around wells, unless it's a part of a compound, otherwise the object blocking the well will be removed.

- All bases should be raidable, including vehicles & storage and bases should be raidable without having to suicide over and over again.

- Stacking watchtowers on top of each other is not allowed.

- Tent/Shelter stacking is strictly forbidden (i.e - 2 of the same tents placed on top of each other), shown below is an example of tent stacking:

- Bases that are built on an in-map structure can have a maximum of 3 walls in height from the top of that structure.

- No building on main road, these are roads that are required to get through a town/highways. Up and over roads can be built on.

- Gates may not be clipped inside of each other. See image below, for correct distance spacing:

What does [x] mean on Vanilla+ Vibes?


Meta-gaming on our servers means calling out the following in chat


- Calling out your location in chat.

- Calling out another persons’ location in chat.

- Calling out bases you see in chat.

- Calling out your own base in chat (unless given permission to do so, like a mini event or something like that).

- Calling out in chat that you’re being raided and need help (This only applies if you specify the coordinates).

- Asking where people are or if anyone is in a location can also be considered baiting to meta-game which will get you punished as well.

A Territory

A territory is a base with a fully built flagpole.

Combat Logging

Combat logging means doing one of the following examples:


- Logging out after being recently hit/damaged/poxed (10 minutes).

- Logging out to avoid PVP situations (like you're being chased or hiding and you heard them and logged out).

- Logging out during a raid (if the raid hasn't started yet and you haven't got damaged or poxed, then its fine to logout).

Red zones

These red zones are no building zones.